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Michael Jackson Leave me Alone Video Jacket

Starting at: $599.99  $499.99

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Jacket is available in many sizes or can be tailor made to fit you exact

This is our newest addition to our Michael Jackson clothing range and we consider to be the most accurate available anywhere...



Click pictures for Super Size and see the beautiful craftsmanship applied by our tailor







Below is Michael's original jacket so you can compare just how accurate our replication is..


(Michael's original jacket above and below)



Thank you Danny Dash Andrews (Professional Michael Jackson Impersonator for sending us this great photo wearing our Leave me Alone Video Jacket.

Michael Jackson Military Jacket - Professional Impersonators Edition

This is a superb military Tunic made by an actual military clothing tailor making an ideal collector's item, would make a beautiful and unique presentation piece in any corporate setting. Produced to the same high standards required for ceremonial duties by the original manufacturer making it deal for Theatrical, Movie, Collectors, or Museums....

This is not a fancy dress garment, this is a professionally tailored military tunic hand finished to a high standard

Please note: if required our tailor can alter the jacket in any way to suit your liking, including change color of the material, braiding or trimmings...


Highest Quality British Wool, 100% Melton supplied by UK Military Fabric Makers.

Russian Gilt Gold Braiding & Gilt Roping To Chest
Gold (Heavy) brass buttons
Luxurious lining

Processing time: Please allow 10 - 18 working days for processing time or please ask for special express service if you have a special event...

Maintenance / Cleaning: Dry clean / Hand Wash.

The celebrities pictured here do not sponsor or endorse the products sold and they are not associated or affiliated with us in any way. The use of the celebrities pictured are for informational purposes only in order to demonstrate the similarity of those worn by the celebrity.

Available in the following sizes below, or contact us for tailor-made:



If we do not have your size we can tailor make one for you!


We can make any style of military jacket, just send us a photo or sketch!

Our professional design team can copy anything and make to fit ANY SIZE!

Wishing you a pleasurable online shopping experience

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